Nicole M. Lares

Domestic Engineer and Master Homemaker

Nicole is the glue that holds everything together! She takes care of the home, ranch, and our loving family. A true southern bell who prefers to be identified as a Georgia Peach. Born in Atlanta, Georgia USA Nicole is all things southern and runs her home and family by the genuine etiquette of southern hospitality. “Living in the bush doesn’t mean you can’t still be fancy!”

“Good morning, How’d Y’all sleep!?” Is what you’ll hear first thing as you start your day. Walking into the Lares ranch home the aroma of fresh bread or biscuits, home ground coffee or one of Nicoles homemade bakes will tantalize your senses. Her meals are exceptional as she takes great care in using only the freshest and most wholesome ingredients and makes just about everything from scratch. “Real food for the body to function like it’s supposed to, and there’s nothing wrong with a little sweet treat.”

During spring, summer and fall you can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables from her greenhouse, which she takes great care in cultivating the various foods with all natural methods of pest control and fertilizers.

With food safe certifications, Nicole and Lara ensure all food preparation is done with the utmost quality control and cleanliness.

Nicole loves horses but is so busy taking care of family, friends and clients being a domestic Goddess that she doesn’t get as much saddle time as she would like to. Our friend and mentor Nicole Ulrich was visiting the ranch and giving Nicole some pointers.

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8 thoughts on “Nicole M. Lares”

  1. Hi Nicole,

    Or should I say “Hey”. I’m a retired L&D nurse (please don’t hate me because of your past experience) so it peaks my interest to hear your story, if you ever want to share it. I worked in a Neurosurgeon’s Ambulatory Surgery Center the last 8.5 years of my career and am an all-around nurse at heart so am glad to hear you are on the mend after the scare this Spring. Boy you sure have put in your time, huh?

    I’m interested as to how the change in scenery had helped your health because I’ve had health issues of my own and wonder if a change would help me out. Mostly arthritis (osteoarthritis diagnosed in my hips when I was 28) and have had many surgeries because of it. I found I couldn’t sit on a saddle because my right hip got so bad I couldn’t put my foot in the stirrup but I bet I can since they’ve both been replaced.

    Anywho, I need to stop rambling on. A dream of mine is to come up to Canada and meet everyone as I almost feel you are part of the family because of your IG page. If you get a chance, or have time in your busy schedule, write back!

    Take care of yourselves!


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