Lara A. Lares

Sous Chef, Assistant Manager, and Digital Data Manager

Lara has lived in Nemiah since she was 7 years old, giving her a unique worldview and set of skills.

Lara at age 4

“When you live in the remote wilderness for long enough, especially as a kid, you learn a lot about the natural world. I’ve learned quite a few difficult lessons living on the ranch, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.”

Nicole gave both of her children a homeschool education, working with them personally from Pre-K to graduation. In June of 2021 Lara graduated from high school with honors and celebrated with a prom/graduation party.

Having been a creative person since she was a little kid, Lara turned to writing as a passion and future career. She applied and got into the Toronto Film School’s ‘Screenwriting for TV and Film Diploma’ program, where she began attending online courses in the fall of 2021.

As the oldest child, Lara is not shy when it comes to having responsibilities of her own. She enjoys taking care of the animals of the ranch, including the young horses, chickens, cats, and dogs.

Lara & Nicole spending time with babies, Axle & Smokey

Although she doesn’t dabble much in the world outside the comfortable ranch house, Lara can be quite the outdoorsy person. She has spent most of her summer days helping around the ranch with moving and sorting wild horses, and getting in some bonding time with the saddle horses in the fields.

Since she often requires a creative outlet, Lara also spends lots of time typing out new story ideas or helping out Nicole come up with new recipes in the kitchen.

Lara likes to spend most of her free time helping Nicole in the kitchen or playing a video game with Dylan.

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  1. Lara you’re such a sweet and beautiful young woman that I’m sure makes your parents proud ❤️

  2. Lara, have you & your mom ever thought of writing a cookbook? Something with off grid recipes. Party recipes too! I can’t believe how off grid you are, yet your celebration decorations are so beautiful.

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