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We didn’t know it then, but Nicole’s accident in the hospital in 2005 when our son Dylan was born, would ultimately change the course of our lives. Years of surgeries, treatments and dangerous prescription opioids and neuro inhibitor therapies, was taking its toll on Nicole. She was still dealing with debilitating face pain and neurological anomalies, aggravated by barometric pressure changes. The almost weekly changing weather patterns would force her into incapacitating pain and misery. Ultimately, we had to look for a place to exist that was easier for Nicole to get over the final hurdle to getting healthier.

“The Wild Ones” a Canadian docu-series, also known as “Breaking Wild” in the U.S. and worldwide markets was filmed here in the beautiful Nemiah Valley. We have been featured in this 10 episode TV Series where just a splash of our lives has been captured, noting some of the trials and tribulations here at the Flying L Ranch/Lares Ranch, our relationship with the local First Nations the Xeni Gwet’in and the beloved wild horses “Cayus”.

Leap Forward 12 Years to 2023

Find the peace…

Life here has been full of healing, some heartbreaks, blissful moments, courageous accomplishments and monumental happenings. We have blood sweat and teared our way to a thriving productive ranch. It only makes sense to offer a number of services, opportunities and experiences for travellers, tourists and horse enthusiast alike.

We have a thriving productive hay and horse ranch, where we provide hay to the local Indigenous Community and support the horse management practices on and off the ranch.

Drone credit https://www.jesajaclassphotography.com/

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