Mike Hawkridge

Cowboy – Big Game Guide – Rancher http://www.alphadogoutdoors.ca/home.php

Cowboy/big game guide/rancher and age (no one really knows for sure). Mike grew up in a remote area of central BC and still finds comfort in things many consider wild. Horses and wilderness were the main influencers. It’s no surprise that once he finished school, Mike saddled up and headed for the mountains. By the mid 90s, with an official government issued guides license, he was assisting clients from around the world. Today, he will be found on the back of a horse, checking cattle, or setting out on another big game hunting adventure in his guide territory where he is an owner/operator of AlphaDog Outdoors in British Columbia, Canada. http://www.alphadogoutdoors.ca/home.php

Email me: mike@bigcountryoutfitters.ca

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  1. When I entered, they asked me if I have any question or inquiries, and I answered, that I have broken my wrist in two places – but no answerback 🙂

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