Emery Phillips

Old School Cowboy

Age 59, Native Cowboy runs deep in his blood.  Considered a rough neck, Emery embraces all that is culturally significant and is a full on old school Cowboy.  Born to a Native Mother and White Cowboy Father, Emery grew up fighting for his right to be where he is, and used the Broncs and Bulls to make sense of things.  In the saddle since he was 6, Emery proved himself in the rodeo circuit, as a Cowboy that wouldn’t back down from any animal and earned the title champion.  He has the ability to read a horses mind, and knows what to do before it needs done.  A bushman to the core, he’s at home in the saddle on the high mountains amongst predators and prey.  

7 thoughts on “Emery Phillips”

  1. Jackie Bristow

    Dear Mr Phillips,
    Bring able to watch you and your fellow ranchers in the TV program has been totally enlighting and a privilege for our family,
    Just wanted to send a note and let you know that we as a horse family were totally enthralled with you all, your experience, endurance and no nonsense reality of lifestyle.
    Thank you for incredible opportunity to see,
    Hope to see more, much more!
    Yours truly,
    Doug and Jackie Bristow
    Innisfail, Alberta

  2. I can imagine that the life of a Rancher is indeed hard where the lows are low but I bet the highs are the real payoff. Love what you all are doing.

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