The hidden gem… Muir Lake

Portal to the majestic and wild is just that… The Flying “L” Ranch can plug you in to the most remote and breathtakingly beautiful hidden secrets in this region. One that should be on your bucket list is the glacier waterfall fed Muir Lake. A literal hidden gem and short hike off the western shore of Chilko Lake. Only local Native guides are authorized to lead you on this visit into the past. A small rustic cabin was constructed in 1985 by the lot owners and left unlocked for explorers to seek shelter and appreciate.

There is a log book with decades of notes and signatures from visitors from all over the world, who sought after and found this little slice of heaven. You’r welcome to spend a night or two here, but just make sure you left it in as good or better shape than when you arrived. It’s common to leave supplies and rations for the next explorers.

A must see oasis…

You won’t just feel like you’r back in time, you will be.

Discover Muir Lake…

The impact on your soul of finding such a place experiencing this setting is therapy beyond anything prescribed in the modern world.

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