Dylan M. Lares

Enthused outdoorsman and Motor Head, Dylan now 16 is well versed with the offgrid and remote living life, with his own sophisticated twist.

Raised in remote in the wilds of British Columbia, Canada his last 11 years, he has an unbridled passion for being outside and tinkering on anything that burns fuel. Dylan appreciates horses, but all he’s seen are the wild ones. Says he can’t really trust the wileys, but can anything where he himself controls the throttle.

Home schooled his entire life, he’s quite independent and self motivated. So where does he channel his energy?

  • Jeeps
  • Motorcycles
  • Snow machines
  • Quads
  • Welding
  • Mechanics
Learned the welding trade

At 15 he took an interest in metallurgy and became quite proficient at welding and cutting, channeling that gift into a trade that has created a revenue stream and is most useful around the ranch. When he’s not turning wrenches or bombing around on something high octane, he can be found camping, hiking and taking in nature.

Lara A. Lares

Sous Chef, Assistant Manager, and Digital Data Manager

Lara has lived in Nemiah since she was 7 years old, giving her a unique worldview and set of skills.

Lara at age 4

“When you live in the remote wilderness for long enough, especially as a kid, you learn a lot about the natural world. I’ve learned quite a few difficult lessons living on the ranch, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.”

Nicole gave both of her children a homeschool education, working with them personally from Pre-K to graduation. In June of 2021 Lara graduated from high school with honors and celebrated with a prom/graduation party.

Having been a creative person since she was a little kid, Lara turned to writing as a passion and future career. She applied and got into the Toronto Film School’s ‘Screenwriting for TV and Film Diploma’ program, where she began attending online courses in the fall of 2021.

As the oldest child, Lara is not shy when it comes to having responsibilities of her own. She enjoys taking care of the animals of the ranch, including the young horses, chickens, cats, and dogs.

Lara & Nicole spending time with babies, Axle & Smokey

Although she doesn’t dabble much in the world outside the comfortable ranch house, Lara can be quite the outdoorsy person. She has spent most of her summer days helping around the ranch with moving and sorting wild horses, and getting in some bonding time with the saddle horses in the fields.

Since she often requires a creative outlet, Lara also spends lots of time typing out new story ideas or helping out Nicole come up with new recipes in the kitchen.

Lara likes to spend most of her free time helping Nicole in the kitchen or playing a video game with Dylan.

Nicole M. Lares

Domestic Engineer and Master Homemaker

Nicole is the glue that holds everything together! She takes care of the home, ranch, and our loving family. A true southern bell who prefers to be identified as a Georgia Peach. Born in Atlanta, Georgia USA Nicole is all things southern and runs her home and family by the genuine etiquette of southern hospitality. “Living in the bush doesn’t mean you can’t still be fancy!”

“Good morning, How’d Y’all sleep!?” Is what you’ll hear first thing as you start your day. Walking into the Lares ranch home the aroma of fresh bread or biscuits, home ground coffee or one of Nicoles homemade bakes will tantalize your senses. Her meals are exceptional as she takes great care in using only the freshest and most wholesome ingredients and makes just about everything from scratch. “Real food for the body to function like it’s supposed to, and there’s nothing wrong with a little sweet treat.”

During spring, summer and fall you can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables from her greenhouse, which she takes great care in cultivating the various foods with all natural methods of pest control and fertilizers.

With food safe certifications, Nicole and Lara ensure all food preparation is done with the utmost quality control and cleanliness.

Nicole loves horses but is so busy taking care of family, friends and clients being a domestic Goddess that she doesn’t get as much saddle time as she would like to. Our friend and mentor Nicole Ulrich was visiting the ranch and giving Nicole some pointers.

Email me: nicole@flyinglranch.ca

Michael Lares

Rancher – Aspiring Cowboy

A decorated US Navy Deep Sea Diver with a 25 year adrenaline filled underwater construction, salvage and commercial diving career, in which 20 years I was owner/operator of my own firm. It’s a small elite group, and a career I am very proud of. It challenged and stretched me to my very core and called on aspects of my abilities that kept me tuned up. It was also that adrenaline fix that kept me out of trouble, because almost daily it was exciting and at the end of the day, I left nothing on the table.

In hindsight, my career honed me to be able to change skins and take on the every day demand of what my family would endure.

I had never really rode a horse and definitely never ranched prior to stepping foot in Nemiah Valley back in 2009. Although I will say that horses, hard work and homesteading is in my blood from both sides of my family. It wasn’t something I thought I would ever choose to do. I had romanticized about having horses, and even though we lived in the remote North Carolina mountains, we were not set up for this lifestyle, and likely never would be.

So much has transpired in the last 11 years it’s mind boggling. What I’ve learned has been fast tracked under the tutelage of some of the best Cowboys and bushmen in Nemiah Valley. The adage “if you settle in Cowboy country, ya better get on a horse.” holds true.

How does one go from Deep Sea to Cowboy? More out of necessity you could say. We longed for a peaceful environment to heal my beautiful bride, and rear our two young children Lara and Dylan. We were on a pretty tuff ride from an accident involving Nicole (more on that). So when the Xeni Gwet’in first nations Chief asked me to apply for a position with their business development enterprise, inviting us to move to their sacred Valley, the final box was checked. We moved and with the help of some trusted Native Cowboys and friends, the crash course on single handedly running and caring for a horse and hay ranch began.

To all those real Cowboys out there, you have my utmost respect and admiration. For what you do day to day is one of the hardest forms of work and lifestyle on the planet. But also the most grounding and satisfying ways of life one could live. I consider it a honor to be able to participate in this epic journey of maintaining history. Welcome to our story and what we have created thus far…

Email me: michael@flyinglranch.ca