On the water…

Bliss on the water…

There is so much to do on Chilko lake…

Chilko Lake is the largest high elevation lake in British Columbia and at 50 miles long. Literally uninhabited you can travel back in time when you cruise South to areas along the shores where some of the locals best kept secrets awaits.

The hidden gem… Muir Lake

One highlight that should be on your bucket list is the waterfall fed Muir Lake, a literal hidden gem and short hike off the western shore of Chilko Lake.

Explore deep dark ancient forests

There are more areas to hike and explore than you could ever have enough time to visit. Literally untouched by any previous visitor, you can be the first one to stamp a memory.

Discover abandoned hunting and prospect camps

Over the past 100 years there have been cabins built but native elders, trappers and miners alike. Many of these cabins, if they weren’t burned down by the ministry decades ago, still stand as a time capsule of sorts, depicting just how they were left by the very people that lived, worked and survived in them. They are sites to behold and appreciate.

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