The portal to the majestic and wild is our purpose. Through Eco-tourism we will connect you with locals Native guides and Cowboys to fully experience the magic and heartbeat of the land.

We also offer a range of services and here at the Flying “L”. All things horsey, hay and farm fresh eggs, animal support, supplies, and professional office services, to name a few.

On the Water

Chilko Lake is the largest high elevation lake in British Columbia and at 50 miles long has everything you could possibly wish for. Literally uninhabited you can travel back in time when you cruise South to areas along the shores where some of the locals best kept secrets awaits you.


The Nemiah Valley floor sits at 4000 feet above sea level. The surrounding mountains peak at 5000-6500 feet, which means day hikes above the tundra where the views are unmatched are within your reach. You can leave early and spend the day, or put up camp and spend the night bathing under the stars, which seem so close you can reach out and touch them.

Horseback Riding – Pack Trips

Want to ride with local Cowboys featured in the TV Series “The Wild Ones”? The Flying “L” Ranch will connect you with some of Nemiah’s best and most trusted wranglers on their majestic wild horses the “Cayus”. Whether day rides or multi-day pack trips, the knowledgable local Cowboys will ensure you reap everything you can from this unbridled experience.

Let’s build memories together.