Tucked away in the pristine expanse of British Columbia’s Nemaiah Valley, the tale of Flying “L” Ranch comes alive. It isn’t merely a location on a map but a tapestry of dreams, perseverance, and an unbreakable bond with the land and its inhabitants.

The Lares family’s unwavering spirit gave birth to the Flying “L” Ranch, a beacon of hope and transformation. The story finds its roots in 2005 when Nicole Lares confronted a life-altering accident during the birth of Dylan. This pivotal moment, accompanied by years of medical challenges and a relentless quest for solace, led the family to the serene embrace of the Nemaiah Valley. Here, in the valley’s gentle climes, Nicole found her respite and a renewed zest for life.

However, the essence of the ranch transcends individual healing. It was in these lush meadows that the Lares family found their calling with the valley’s grand equines. Seeing the pressing need to shield, nurture, and champion the rights of these noble creatures, Flying “L” Ranch emerged as a haven for horses, embodying the values of care, compassion, and conservation. Each gallop, each whinny echoing through the ranch, stands as a commitment โ€” a vow to rescue, rehabilitate, and revere.

This dedication did not go unnoticed. The canvas of Flying “L” Ranch caught the global gaze as it was spotlighted in the renowned Canadian docu-series “The Wild Ones,” capturing a glimpse into our world. A world marked by our allegiance to the horses, our profound respect for the local Xeni Gwetโ€™in First Nation, and an undying promise to protect the untouched charm of the Nemaiah Valley.

Fast forward to the present, and Flying “L” Ranch has evolved into a bastion of North American horse culture. Operating as a flourishing hay and horse ranch, our commitment further branches out to aid the local Indigenous communities, ensuring holistic horse management practices are upheld throughout the valley.

For adventurers, horse aficionados, or souls seeking a deeper connection, the ranch unfurls a plethora of experiences, insights, and encounters. Be it the trails steeped in ancient tales or the vibrant tapestry of community life; Flying “L” Ranch is an open invitation to dive deep into the heart of dude ranch traditions.

We beckon you to be part of our narrative. Whether through shared stories, a serene visit, or a spirited gallop against the backdrop of the valley, the soul of Flying “L” Ranch is eager to welcome you into its continually unfolding saga. Join us in celebrating a legacy. Welcome to Flying “L” Ranch.